Chiropractic Testimonials

"Hi! My name is Harvey. I have been going to Richard Doble for 20 years. In 1997 Rochelle saw me hunched over walking and holding my back. She suggested that I come in to Doble's Chiropractor and see if Richard could help me. I did not think that a chiropractor would be able to help me as I did not believe in chiropractors. She left … I could barely walk… So, I went in and it took several sessions And I really started feeling better. I could walk standing straight up and I was having less and less pain. Over time I started doing week-end walks. I now hike 3-10 miles on the weekends (up and down mountains) and I feel good! I now live pain free! In my job and in my personal life having back strength is very important. The Doble's have been there for me whenever I needed help. I love those two for helping me out so much. I'm sad to be moving away to the East Coast.


- Harvey

"I have been a patient of Dr. Doble for 15 years. When I have a neck problem, he is certainly the doctor I think of, and his careful cervical manipulation never fails to relieve the problem. But he is more: he listens to me and obviously cares about my life. This reduces tension and anxiety that push bones out of place and so press on nerves. Over these 15 years, my neck has actually improved, and at 67 I play one tough game of racquetball!"

- Norman Zucker M.D.

"When I came into Doble Chiropractic I could barely walk, stand up straight, and had numbness in my hands. Low back pain was severe as the last chiropractor that I went to said that I had a high threshold of pain. It was a lack of mobility that brought me here. After 2-3 weeks the low back pain went away. By the sixth visit, I was significantly better. In less than 6 months I could hop off the truck after driving 40 miles. My dog, Chuck, came in for an adjustment and is now a frisky 10-year old Rottweiler.

I have recommended others to this office and they are pleased with their results as well.

Now I believe that I can be 100% again!!"

- Jerry Gray

"I had severe arm/neck pain and an old sciatica condition. I tried drugs, drugs, and more drugs from medical doctors and physical therapy. I was referred to Doble Traditional Chiropractic from my friends and partner. Dr. Doble adjusted my neck from time to time, continuously monitored my progress, and educated a lot! I have improved! The nerve pain has greatly subsided. Whenever there is a flare-up, which is usually infrequent, it usually is minor and is resolved quickly! I encourage everybody to keep it up and keep the faith!"

- Christine Buchholz


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