Upper Cervical Toggle Recoil in Sebastopol

Chiropractic Sebastopol CA Upper Cervical Toggle Recoil

The Toggle Recoil technique is a gentle chiropractic adjustment given to the upper cervical region of the spine to correct misalignment of the vertebra of that region. Dr. Doble our Sebastopol CA chiropractor is a specialist in analyzing and adjusting the upper cervical spine. He was trained in the Palmer Toggle recoil method by Dr. Brian Duff and Dr. Clarence Jenson

Toggle Recoil Method In Sebastopol

The Toggle Recoil method is performed by having the patient lying on their side on a specialized table that stabilizes the skull and drops away when the adjustment is given. A light quick tap is applied to the proper contact point on the upper/cervical spine (either the atlas or the axis vertebra) that arouses the body's innate healing response which makes the adjustment. There is no twisting, cracking, popping or wrenching of the neck and there is no pain with this method. After the adjustment occurs the Life Force Energy is restored to the body back to normal.

Chiropractic Sebastopol CA Toggle Recoil Method

Toggle Recoil Adjustment Patient Testimonial

"As Dr. Doble's assistant, I would like to tell you about this great technique I discovered with him. This technique is called the Upper Cervical Toggle Recoil. All my life I received different kinds of chiropractic adjustments from different chiropractors. But when I got the toggle recoil technique from Dr. Doble it was a completely different experience. It's at the same time a gentle and a deeper approach. After the adjustment, I felt this soft warmth coming from my head and my neck like it was a healing experience. This sensation of well-being, peacefulness, and joy stayed for many days."

- M. Aubin


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